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CCP: Data Engineer - Study Aids

First off, I'm a big fan of this new CCP: Data Engineer exam approach.  I know Cloudera is working things out right now and I have a few questions perhaps someone can provide some input on:

Instead of a standard study guide for the exam, any thoughts on having a VM with all tooling existing on the exam, and even sample data to utilize to practice disparate patterns, and even some example scenarios to play with? Perhaps a single VM couldn't provide all the functionality that will exist on the exam (thinking about Kafka in particular), but it would create a very good sandbox to play in.
Last Question: Are there plans to release any more scenarios or guidance than what is already out there now?
I perhaps am over-reaching in my requests if the point of achieving the status of Data Engineer is to demonstrate a firm actionable undestanding of Hadoop and it's ecosystem tools, but I'll let someone official tell me if I'm right or wrong. :)
very much appreciated!
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Re: CCP: Data Engineer - Study Aids



You can set up a single node running Hadoop in Pseudo-Distributed mode using VMs or Amazon EC2 instances with the Cloudera software and other tools running on them.


Then you can come up with projects yourself to practice.



Once you set up the tools, try to practice solving hypothetical problems that are called out here


They are not really hard to come up with.


The Data Ingestion portion talks about Flume, HDFS console commands and Sqoop.


The Transform, Stage, Store sections covers pig, Hive, Map/Reduce and Spark skills.


For the Data Analysis part, you need to know how to create tables in Hive that uses SerDe and other custom settings.


The Workflow portion covers skills you need from Apache Oozie.


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Re: CCP: Data Engineer - Study Aids

It will be really helpful if someone can provide instruction(bullet point ) in chronological order to set up infrastructure and S/W tool for those people who wants to appear for CCA175 or any other cloudera certification.
something like:
1. download and install VMware VM from ..
2. checks to validate Flumes, HDFS , Sqoop etc.
3. check for mysql, pig, hive and MapReduce and/or spark
4. workflow or any other required related tools

The challenge is, how to ensure all the tool set and infrastructure related components are correctly set up and configured .

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Re: CCP: Data Engineer - Study Aids

Step 1:  Download the Quickstart VM

Step 2:  Go to the certification page to learn what testing objectives to practice

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Re: CCP: Data Engineer - Study Aids

[ Edited ]

The data tranformation part will have to be done in pig/hive and spark ,all three or its per our choice?

I mean do we have flexibility in choose tools or its mandatory as per given in the exam?

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Re: CCP: Data Engineer - Study Aids

Anybody completed this certification?

Any pointers to some sample questions?

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Re: CCP: Data Engineer - Study Aids

All the skills you need to be prepared to use in the hands on exam are on the CCP Data Engineer page. The page lists the exam delivery and cluster, documentation available and even a sample exam question to give you a feel for the exam. 

Cy Jervis, Community Manager

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Re: CCP: Data Engineer - Study Aids

I don't see Impala as part of CCP Data Engineer certification. Can you confirm that if it is correct.