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CDH 5.15 upgrade from CDH 5.11

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Hello All


I'm trying to upgrade to CDH 5.15.x from 5.11.x


However, when I check this link it only gives me option till CDH 5.13.x Does that mean it's not supported or not recommended? Can it still be carried out?


I've 3 clusters, running CDH 5.11, Cloudera Manager 5.13.

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Re: CDH 5.15 upgrade from CDH 5.11

Hi @Sayan,


From documentations:

"The Cloudera Manager minor version must always be equal to or greater than the CDH minor version because older versions of Cloudera Manager may not support features in newer versions of CDH. For example, if you want to upgrade to CDH 5.4.8 you must first upgrade to Cloudera Manager 5.4 or higher."


So, if you want to upgrade cdh to 5.15 first you have to upgrade Cloudera Manager to 5.15.


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