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CDH Release 6.0 VM - Availablity and Documentation Enhacement request

Hello Cloudera, #1 Regarding CDH Release 6.0 VM , will I be able to download release 6.0 version of Cloudera VM soon? What version of tools can be expected on release 6.0 VM? Is it possible to connect me with VM team? #2 I also have few inputs for Cloudera’s VM build team. They could make it much better VM for learning by providing a cook book pdf with installation directories, services for each component (HDFS, Mapreduce, Spark, Hive etc), how to stop, start only required, dependent services so that it would be fast on laptops etc. #3 Can Cloudera VM build team consider enhancing the Release 6.0 VM by providing more tutorials , useful hands on exercises that would help clearing Cloudera’s Hadoop and Spark Certification and other Cloudera Thanks