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CDH4.5 Quick VM

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I am enabling YARN in CDH 4.5 Quick VM using the foloiwng link:


But Not able to execute example jar MR programs in YARN framework.

Do i need to execute any additional step?

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Re: CDH4.5 Quick VM

When you say "Not able to execute" what do you really mean?

1. You aren't able to figure out what to run?
2. You are able to run a command, but it produces an error? What error in this case?
3. You are able to run the command, but do not think it runs on the cluster instead? Have you deployed client configurations from CM in this case?
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Re: CDH5 Quick VM



I have tried to play VM isnattled for CDH 5 but vmplayer is giving error that file is corrupt. Any idea?