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CDH4 Eclipse how does it work

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Please help me understand what happens when we run word count program in CDH4 Quick start VM. The program runs fine just want to understand what is happening behind scenes 


1. Does it start name node, job tracker separately for eclipse ?


2. I stopped the NN,JT in the cloudera manager but still the program runs fine that means its using some separate processes but then why those dont show in manager even just during the time program is running?


3.Where could I find example programs in the VM? 


4. Also when NN and TT are shown running why JPS commod on terminal doesnt show these processes?




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Re: CDH4 Eclipse how does it work

(1) - No, but its possible that your job's running via the LocalJobRunner. See (2).

(2) - This may mean that your Job in the IDE is not specifying the right URLs for FS and MR access, and hence the Job runs in a special default mode called "LocalJobRunner", which runs the job in the same JVM as the Driver, without submitting it anywhere.

(3) - I believe you should be able to find a variety of examples in the Hue Web UI to run/read/follow.

(4) - The daemons run as service usernames. You need to run jps as root to be able to see all the JVMs running on a machine.
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Re: CDH4 Eclipse how does it work

Thanks Harsh


I will try to find out from eclipse project settings if it refers to localjobrunner somewhere in it, any further information from your end will be appreacited.