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CDH5.8 lauch cloudera express error (kafka-server:unrecognized service )

I download the CDH5.8 vmare file. when i try to launch cloudera express or the enterprise,it comes a error. error reading information on service kafka-server: No such file or directory And then when i try to start the HBase or Hive service ,it failed too . Thanks for your help.
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Re: CDH5.8 lauch cloudera express error (kafka-server:unrecognized service )

When you say you try to launch Cloudera Express or Enterprise, do you mean
the "Launch Cloudera Express" shortcut on the Desktop? That's expected to
emit a message about Kafka. Kafka is not installed in the VM by default,
but if you do install it, it will be taken care of in the migration just
like the other CDH services. So what you're seeing is it checking and then
just ignoring it.

The HBase and Hive services should start up (or at least fail with more
helpful messages, like telling you that you need to start HDFS and YARN
first respectively). I'd suggest clicking on those services, looking at the
processes tab, and then seeing what errors are given in the logs.