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Clear YARN usercache?

Running the CDH 5.3.0 Quickstart VM; submitted a MR job and it was just sitting in YARN with no indication of progress.




Cloudera Manager shows lots of systems with log out of space errors so I looked through the filesystem for where I could free up space; found what appears to be excessive usage in the YARN usercache folder (6 GB in use).


File location is:



Can I just delete the cache manually or is there a better way?  Is there a way to configure YARN to use less space?





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Re: Clear YARN usercache?

@dr3x did you check the inodes


Run the commnad df -i on your server and  make sure you don't have an issue with the inodes.

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Re: Clear YARN usercache?

Since you have already found the culprit I would recommend you to go  go into CM and adjust the log retention settings for that service.



 enable automatic yarn cache cleanup 

yarn.nodemanager.localizer.cache.cleanup.interval-ms is 600000

also check your