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Cloudera Manager, FLUME, KAFKA

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I am working Cloudera VM 5.10.0.

I need to kick start FLUME and KAFKA.


a) Should i configure any thing or are these already configured as part of Quick start VM?

b) When i click Cloudera Manager, i don't see any thing. Is there any configuration needed?


Could you please clarify.




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Re: Cloudera Manager, FLUME, KAFKA

On going through some blogs, i got to know how to start Cloudera manager.


Even FLUME version command ran. So looks like FLUME is installed and running.

^C[cloudera@quickstart ~]$ flume-ng version
Flume 1.6.0-cdh5.10.0
Source code repository:
Revision: 3f9e29654b088cf428ac23ca83f44e5d03d31b4c
Compiled by jenkins on Fri Jan 20 12:17:10 PST 2017
From source with checksum df8be91a3bd3e4f77f31ec73ba91aafe


But looks like KAFKA is not installed. When i start Cloudrar manager, i get a message 

[QuickStart] Shutting down CDH services via init scripts...
kafka-server: unrecognized service


Could you please help me know if Cloudra VM has KAFKA installed?