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Cloudera Quick Start VM is not working

Hi Team,

I have downloaded latest version of Quick start VM and  faced issues on below

1) Downloaded  latest version of  eclipse and when i click eclipse icon it is failed with JVM terminated with EXIT CODE =  1

2) hue is failed with empty htc file .


I am using AMD 10 processor , do we have any  comptability with laptop configuration .

I have  8 GB ram and 1 TB HD  and i have AMD10 processor .  

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Re: Cloudera Quick Start VM is not working

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Could you share your eclipse.ini file and the error dialog box 


meantime check in the eclipse.ini file if 


The -vm occur after  -product, --launcher.*, etc), but before the -vmargs option, since everything after -vmargs is passed directly to the JVM.


how much ram does your vm is configured ? just curious to know