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Cloudera Quickstart Virtual Machine (VM) 5.4.3 for VirtualBox



I am a student at a Data Science post-grad degree.

In Big Data classes, the professor provided the students with a specific version of the Quick Start VM: 



The entire subject and tutorials are based on this specif version because this version still works with Jupyter Notebooks.


However I own a MacBook so I need the VirtualBox release of this VM. There is no free version of VMWare player for Mac's OSx.


I am aware that Cloudera's website only allows to download the most recent version (v5.13) that no longer uses Jupyter Notebooks. I'm not proficient in this subject so it would be ideal that I could have the exact same version of the VM that everyone is using in class so I can properly follow the course and its tutorials.


I tryed exporting the vmware version of the VM to .ovf and 'import apliance' in VirtualBox. However, the VM does not load correctly. After the CentOS loading bar reaches the end it doesn't do anything else after that. 


Could someone help out with one of the following:

  • provide the 5.4.3a release for VirtualBox
  • provide an .ovf file that allows me to import correctly to VirtualBox the vmware relase that I already have
  • provide comprehensive list of the VirtualBox virtual machine configuration so that I could create a new machine with the disk image that I already have


I realize this would be a Suppport issue but aparently my cloudera account does not allow that.

Thank you!