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Cloudera Quickstart for Universities


I'm working for a university and we plan a practical hands-on for our students with the Cloudera Quickstart VM. Is the following scenario applicable regarding the terms of usage?

1) We want to deploy some VMs and host them on our infrastructure. These VMs can only be accessed by the students (and by the administrators of course). We want to come up with some tasks with already existing data sets and let the students analyze them. After the semester term is over, the machines will be shut down until the next semester begins.

2) Is it possible to add the above mentioned data sets to the Quickstart VM and give the download link to our students? Of course this download link will only be accessible for our students.

Thank you in advance for your answers.

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Re: Cloudera Quickstart for Universities

Hi firtzman,


The standard Terms and Agreements for the Cloudera QuickStart VM doesn’t permit modification or distribution. Perhaps, you can reach out to our team to see if there is an alternative approach.