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Cloudera VM 5.13 Firefox Brower not loading the Udemy videos

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Hello Sir,


I'm using Cloudera Quickstart VM 5.13 for CCA 175 preparation. But suddenly I couldn't see any videos properly loading while studying in udemy site. the videos are loading for long time. previously I could able to watch the videos in the udemy site. I'm not sure why did the videos not loading correctly. Again I have to reinstall the VM still am facing the same issue. I have tried to update the firefox but I couldn't launch the firefox after removing the old firefox folder with the new firefox folder.



Could you please someone help me on this issue. Is there any way we can update the firefox in the Cloudera VM?.it is wasting my time on this issue. please help me with this issue.


I'm expecting, Cloudera will launch the next updated quickstart VM?