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Connect to Cloudera Live Impala via JDBC =>

I want to connect to Impala running on the Cloudera Live trial. I did not make any changes to Cloudera Live. Just tried out the tutorial and made some Impala queries. Works!


I use this configuration in my external tool on my Mac:


    <data-source name="impala" type="jdbc">
      <uri value="jdbc:impala://;auth=noSasl"/>
      <driver value="com.cloudera.impala.jdbc4.Driver"/>
      <param name="user" value="cloudera"/>
      <param name="password" value="cloudera"/>


I also added all JARs (JDBC4 etc.) to the built path. Drivers seem to be loaded successfully. I get the following exception:

20:48:21    system.error    description=Evaluation exception: SQLException while retrieving JDBC Connection: [Simba][ImpalaJDBCDriver](500310) Invalid operation: Connection refused;, originalTuple={}, operatorName=default.GetBids, inputPort=0, nodeName=null, type=eval-error, action=continue, time=2015-02-18 20:48:21.000+0100


I assume I use wrong user and password :-) Or do you see any other wrong configuration? Where can I find the correct credentials in my Cloudera Live user interface? Via email, I only received Cloudera Manager and HUE Query UI.


Thanks for help...