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Deleting trial cluster on goGrid

I deleted all my virtual servers from goGrid portal at the end of cloudera live trial. Does this means my cluster is deleted completely or I need to do something more? 

Also,I got an email stating my trial of cloudera software is still valid for 46 days more. What does this means ? 

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Re: Deleting trial cluster on goGrid

As long as your virtual servers are deleted from the GoGrid portal, your
entire cluster should be gone (and if it's done before the end of the 2
weeks you shouldn't be charged anything). But remember Cloudera does not
have direct access to your account - only GoGrid support would be able to
help confirm or resolve any specific issues.

The reference to the Cloudera software free trial is referring to the
60-day trial of Cloudera Enterprise. Features that typically require a paid
license (like Cloudera Navigator) are enabled during the trial, but at the
end of the 60 days those features simply become unavailable. Everything
else in Cloudera Manager (like the configuration / services management, I
think most of the monitoring, etc.) continues to work. You wouldn't be
automatically charged or lose data or anything like that for Cloudera
software at the end of that trial.