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Docker Quickstart: Failed to contact an active Resource Manager: Hue Failed

I've installed CDH on macbook and installation seemed to go well without any errors.


1. Now when i run it, i see one failed item in console LOGS:

    Starting hue: G[FAILED]


2. And Hue QuickStart page (localhost:8888) tell about misconfiguration:


Checking current configuration

Configuration files located in /etc/hue/conf.empty
Potential misconfiguration detected. Fix and restart Hue.
Resource ManagerFailed to contact an active Resource Manager: ('Connection aborted.', error(111, 'Connection refused'))

The application won't work without a running HiveServer2.


Checking Logs: (Related Snippets)

Started Hive Server2 (hive-server2):G[  OK  ]

resourcemanager running as process 961. Stop it first.
Started Hadoop resourcemanager:G[  OK  ]
Starting hue: G[FAILED]
Please help me out, and let me know if any further information is needed.