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Docker images

I want to run Cloudera using a Docker image (specifically, the cloudera/quickstart image).

However, on Docker Hub I can only find beta versions:


What's the correct way of getting a more up-to-date image?

Should I just download a beta image and then install parcels? Would I do that using Docker Compose? If so, can I find instructions for that online?

Or is there a completely different way to solve this?

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Re: Docker images

Have you tried running this:
docker pull cloudera/quickstart:latest

More info here:

I hope this helps!
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Re: Docker images

Yes I have. But cloudera/quickstart:latest currently seems to point to version 5.7.0-0-beta, so I still have no stable version here...

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Re: Docker images

Have you downloaded the Quickstart VM for Docker here

Cy Jervis, Community Manager

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Re: Docker images

No, I used the quickstart image instead of the clusterdock for 2 reasons:

- it seems to be sufficient for my needs

- our non-docker environment is 5.7 and we don't want to upgrade to 5.8 yet, and cloudera clusterdock seems to be available for 5.8 only


Anyway, even when I download the images from the link you gave, the questions still remain how to work without the Cloudera manager GUI:


- how do I perform a parcel update here using some docker mechanism (dockerfile or docker-compose) and not the GUI?

- how do I install new services (e.g. flume)?