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Error CLOUDERA - wordcounts

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I am new to big data, a i am studying in coursera. In the course that i am taking, we work with cloudera. I ran hadoop examples, specifically wordcount but I getting an error that i cant solve.


I only write this command: hadoop jar /usr/jars/hadoop-examples.jar wordcount words.txt


After that the application sent me this message


 Application application_1506602662245 _001 failed two times due to ApplicationMaster for attempt appattempt_1506602662245_0001_000002 time out. Failing the application.


I tried to put the image but the page doesnt upload.


Can someone help me with this?





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Re: Error CLOUDERA - wordcounts

please look in to the hadoop mapreduce logs 


meantime also make sure your Resource manager is up and runining if so click the Web ui or Job history server web ui in the cloudera manager to check the details of the failed jobs.