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Error after RStudio installation over CLouder

Hi all,

I have a cloudera cluster with 3 hosts (one namenode and oterh two datanodes), and I installed Rstudio over Cloudera hadoop ecosystem by following the instruction:

However, I cannot check RStudio service use 'service rstudio-server status', it says 'rstudio-server: unrecognized service', anyone  know why?

Also I cannot execute basic commands inside R like '”/user/“)' and '”/user/hdfs/o_same_school/part-m-00000″)', it shows errror by saying Error: object '' not found,

Besides, I tried 'library(rmr2)', It shows the error: 'Please review your hadoop settings. See help(hadoop.settings) Warning message: S3 methods ‘gorder.default’, ‘gorder.factor’, ‘’, ‘gorder.matrix’, ‘gorder.raw’ were declared in NAMESPACE but not found'

Please help me, thanks in advance.