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Exercise 3: No responce from tokenized_access_log

Good morning all


I am trying to walk through the tutorial, and got to excersize 3 where you load the access log. 


So did the two steps to load the data (and confirmed that it was there).

Ran the hive commands 

ran invalidate metadata 

And see the new table in Hue


But when I run the actual command:

select count(*),url from tokenized_access_log
where url like %product%
group by url order by count(*) desc;

 I get 

Operation had no results

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Re: Exercise 3: No responce from tokenized_access_log

After reddoing the load of data, I think what happaend was that dor some reason, the first bit of the hive command failed, so it never created a intermediate_access_logs. Not certain the creation failed, might have been a typo my end, but would make sence as the fourth step is to load data from intermediate to tokenized. And the command would work with no output, which would make sence if the table is empty. 


Uncertain why it failed, but just drob both tables.

DROP TABLE intermediate_access_logs;

DROP TABLE tokenized_access_logs; 


Then rerun the hive section and check that you have both tables afterwards. 


Hope it helps someone:)