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For hadoop administration

Is it enough to read Hadoop in Action and Defenitive guide books for Hadoop Administration also..??


Actually those are recomended to Hadoop Developers..


Do you suggest any other books for Hadoop administration certification??

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Re: For hadoop administration

I would love to share few name of Hadoop administration certification:-

Which course should I pursue to become an ethical hacker?

Learn Big Data- Hadoop And Mapreduce 2 Dvd Set (45 Hours Of Content And 2 Real Time Projects)


Cloudera Certified Administrator for Apache Hadoop Ccah Exam Unofficial Review Questions and Answers 2016/17 Edition: 60+ Review Questions Covering Exam Cca

According to me, you should get the training from any well-respected institute.

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Re: For hadoop administration

I have done my certification in CDH5 with my experience I would suggest you to read Hadoop The definitive guide by Tom White . you have to read from end - to  -end to clear the certification . 

I hope you are aware of the new certification syallbus , they will ask you to trouble shoot the clusters like a administrator they will give you senarios and you have to fix or give the soulutions. Like what will you do when you have Java Heap errors etc .. 


Also another book I Would recommend is Hadoop Operations by Eric. 

Finally just stop by at every hadoop forum you will have a clear picture . Mate  as tos  what is under the hood of hadoop and its eco systems