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Hive query too slow after starting cloudera manager

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Dear, I followed this instruction to use Hive on Spark:


According this post, I have to start cloudera manager. But after starting cloudera manager, my query hive is two slow


My system: 

- cloudera quickstart VM (5Gb)


Thanks for any explanation!

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Re: Hive query too slow after starting cloudera manager

Running CM does use up some resources; you can try to stop the CM server (this will not stop the cluster it spawned) and see if that's the cause for your VM, or allocate more resources for your VM.

Note that using CM is not a pre-requisite for using Hive-on-Spark. You can configure it without CM also - by adding the same properties CM is currently using to manage your Spark and Hive services, manually into the Spark and Hive local configs (that get used without CM).