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Issues accessing Cloudera in the AWS Cloud Cluster

Hi everyone,


my name is Mikael and I am trying for the first time to access the Cloudera AWS services using a Mac running OS High Sierra.


Following the instructions I have been given,  these are the steps I am taking:


Step 1.


chmod 400 private_key_name.pem 


Step 2.

nohup ssh -i "private_key_name.pem" -CND 8157 &


(please note the alternative setsid ssh command doesn't seem to work on Mac)


Step 3.

"/Applications/Google Chrome" \ --user-data-dir="$HOME/chrome-with-proxy" \ --proxy-server="socks5://localhost:8157"


The message received on my terminal reads as follows:


***Owner supplied to -[NSTrackingArea initWithRech:options:owner:userinfo:] referenced a deallocating object: Tracking area behavior is undefined. Break on NSTrackingAreaDeallocatingOwnerError to debug.


At the end of the above command, google chrome opens up and I input one of the the following web command:, or 


Unfortunately the page times out on all three.


Does anyone have a solution for my issues? That would be very appreciated.