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Lad Source Files to HDFS from My local Machine

I've download the cloudera-quickstart-vm-5.7.0-0-virtualbox Virtual Machine to do my Big Data Project. In my PC i've two Zips files (2GB each on) that contains my source data (there are a lot of txt files). I need to upload this files to HDFS in Virtual Machine, however I getting some troubles When I try to copy/drag the txt files to Virtual Machine.


I was thinking loading the files directly on HDFS (no use Sqoop, for example), my question is:
Is there a way that can I load the Source Data from my Local PC to HDFS? Java? Sqoop? There a lot of Txt Files...


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Re: Lad Source Files to HDFS from My local Machine

The VirtualBox Guest additions are installed in the VM which should enable
drag & drop of files, but perhaps it's having issues with the size of the
files? SSH should also be running so scp is another option, as is a Shared
Folder. You'll need to get the file to be visible from the VM's filesystem,
perhaps unzip them at that point, and then you can use 'hadoop fs
-copyFromLocal' to put them in HDFS.