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Network configuration on clusterdock

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I have the following configuration in our local LAN:


1. There is one CentOS 7 VM with 64 GB of RAM (hostname=cloudera-host-vm.local)

2. Within that VM I am deploying a CDH cluster, with 1 master and 3 working nodes, as described here, using the following command:


clusterdock_run ./bin/start_cluster -n local cdh --primary-node=master --secondary-nodes='worker{1..3}' --include-service-types=HDFS,ZOOKEEPER,HBASE,YARN


How can I configure custom static IPs on the nodes?


Also, how can I stop or restart the cluster using clusterdock_run command?


Thank you



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Re: Network configuration on clusterdock

You can't set static IPs with clusterdock.


As for stopping/restarting the cluster, you can take a look at clusterdock_run ./bin/housekeeping -h to see available options.