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Tutorial exercise 3 explained in details

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I consider the 3rd excercise in a tutorial slightly complex. I mean - the code is commented on a very
general level. The explanation is sufficient to understand more or less what is going on but not to
reuse the code for some other problem.
I decided to deepen my uderstanding. I document the results of my research here. Maybe somebody
will find my notes useful.

I initially planned to paste it here, in this forum. But Cloudera's forum is so unstable and annoying during post submission that I have given up. So I am giving a link to a pdf document


Exercise 3 explained

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Re: Tutorial exercise 3 explained in details

Thank you for the feedback pkaluskiI'm reaching out to my contacts to review your document. 

Cy Jervis, Community Manager

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Re: Tutorial exercise 3 explained in details

very helpful , thank you for your efforts