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If I have several slave nodes with varying number of drives mounted in each of them, then how does property setup works? If I include the directory name that is available in one of the datanode that is not available in other in this property, then does hadoop skip this value/drive for that particular datanode where this directory is missing?


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No, this isn't how it works.  If you use the same configuration:


/mnt, /mnt2, /mnt3, /mnt4, /mnt5


A host who just has 3 drives (/mnt, /mnt2, /mnt3) will fail to start, depending on the value of dfs.datanode.failed.volumes.tolerated (default 0).  You're going to need to set up each server properly with the right value for  For this (and other) reason(s), a homogenous cluster setup is usually preferred.

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