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how to reinstall CDH5 on 3 VMWare instead of CDH4 on 2 VMWare

Hei, please help


Previous I have installed CDH4 on 2 VMWare, let's say traffic1 and traffic2, where traffic1 as namenode and datanode at the same time, traffic2 as datanode only.


Right now I got a new VMWare saying traffic0, and I want to install CDH5 on these three servers, and finally for the CDH5, traffic0 would be master only while traffic1 and traffic2 are slave1 and slave2 respectively. How should I do?


I am going tofollow this video to do the installation, the main point is to configure their hosts before install cloudera manager, is it the right way?


Abd by the way, sinc I have installed CDH4 on 2 servers, should I uninstall this version before new version's installation? if yes, then how to uninstall the old CDH4? 


Anyone please help, thanks in advance.




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Re: how to reinstall CDH5 on 3 VMWare instead of CDH4 on 2 VMWare

In Cloudera under hosts parcels I disabled CDH5 and enabled CDH4 and hit update and worked for me.


Try disabling parcel CDH5 and enable CDH4 and try the update should work perfectly.  


If you need more information let me know.