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COMPUTE Stats or Analyze table

Hi All,

We have created a Hive database and have some external tables on with files placed in S3 bucket. Our Application accesses this data using Impala.

Tables are not partitioned and the files are in text/csv format.

How should we collect stats using Impala or Hive ?

Is it possible to collect stats for Hive tables using Impala and HIve tables stats should only be created to hive. Appreciate your help.



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Re: COMPUTE Stats or Analyze table

If you are mainly accessing the table using Impala, I'd recommend Impala's compute stats for best performance of Impala.


There are some subtle differences in the stats collected (whether they're partition or table-level). The engines can interoperate but Impala can generally generate better plans with the full set of stats from "COMPUTE STATS"