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Canceling Impala query using CM API

I am trying to cancel impala query through CM API and the command doesn't return any output but it is not canceling the query.

[root@userhost]curl -k -u admin https://userhost:7180/api/v12/clusters/userclu/services/impala/impalaQueries/624dfb95ddbb92a5:6647034a254bc1b6/cancel Enter host password for user 'admin':
[root@userhost ~]#


Infact I am looking to kill the query as the query is completed 50 mins ago.

Any help is appreciated.

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Re: Canceling Impala query using CM API

If it is completed, why do you want to kill? I am not sure if you can cancel a query that's already finished. What's the status showing in the impala daemon web UI?
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Re: Canceling Impala query using CM API

Hi Eric,


In Impala daemon web UI I see that the query is completed 16hours ago and the state is Finished but the query is still in the Flight list. This ois the only query running on this daemon and is occupying 3.5GB of memory on this daemon. If I cancel this query then the memory on this daemon goes to zero. Basically the query is complete but its locking the memory causing memory leak.


 Session ID: 74480cc476dd5fde:64c866411ae5f0b5
    Session Type: HIVESERVER2
    HiveServer2 Protocol Version: V6
    Start Time: 2017-03-22 17:44:29.924339000
    End Time: 
    Query Type: QUERY
    Query State: CREATED
    Query Status: OK