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File has an invalid version number. This could be due to stale metadata

I am running a CDH distribution (version 5.6.0) with Impala (version 2.4.0).

I have some Parquet files stored in HDFS. Next, I have loaded these files into an Impala external table. Upon executing the following query all the files are successfully listed:

[] > show files in parquettable;

Also, the metadata is correct (checked by executing describe parquettable).

The stats of the table are:

[] > show table stats parquettable;


Rows | Files | Size | Bytes Cached | Cache Replication | Format | Incremental stats | Location

-1 | 838 | 249.64GB | NOT CACHED | NOT CACHED | PARQUET | false | hdfs://

Executing the following query:

[] > select count(*) from parquettable;

results in the following WARNING, but without any output result or error:

File 'hdfs://' has an invalid version number: ▒.F/ This could be due to stale metadata. Try running "refresh default.parquettable".

Running refresh default.parquettable did not have any effect.