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How to gracefully stop an impalad?

We often need to restart a node to do some quick maintenance, such as reconfiguring a disk or changing an OS setting which requires a machine restart.


Also, we use Impala not only for interactive user queries but also for many of our ETL job queries, and these slightly longer queries of course die if a single node processing fragments becomes unavailable, killing the corresponding job, exposing us to data corruption.  Therefore we are always forced to pause all our jobs.


I know we can gracefully decommission a node, but it can take hours to move all the dfs data out and then back in, so not worth it when trying to do a quick restart.


So is there a way (via CM, shell or API) to tell an impalad to simply stop taking new fragments in preparation for a restart? (we can also easily remove from haproxy so it doesn't take new queries as coordinator).



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Re: How to gracefully stop an impalad?

Hi mauricio,


Impala currently does not support graceful node decommissioning. We're tracking work on this feature in IMPALA-1760, but we currently are not targeting it for a particular release. Unfortunately that only leaves the option of killing the daemon.


Cheers, Lars