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How to reduce Impala thread_network_send_wait_time

Hi Friends,
I just want to know how to control "thread_network_send_wait_time". 
When I run the query some time value of "thread_network_send_wait_time" is very high and some time its value is very less.
Can any one please help me how to control "thread_network_send_wait_time"?
Do I need to check before where the query is getting fire means which datanode is playing the role of coordinator?

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Re: How to reduce Impala thread_network_send_wait_time

The "thread_network_send_wait_time" is the sum of the time spent waiting to send data over the network by all threads of the query, so it depends mainly to your nodes and/or client network, try to use "profile" to see who is the slowest node network that made the problem or maybe it's just a load issue..