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Impala 2.7 crashes with SIGSEGV



We have our impala daemons crashing with SIGSEGV today. There is a crash file, but I don't know how to go about deciphering its messages. Please advise. Thank you.


CDH 5.10

Impala 2.7.0


Here is the crash log


I have read the other community post here:


Though we don't run those affected versions.

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Re: Impala 2.7 crashes with SIGSEGV

@aryathis could be a lot of things. E.g. if you were running a "compute stats" query, you could be hitting the same issue as this person: .


If possible, I'd suggest upgrading to the latest maintenance release in the 5.10.x series, because that will include fixes for known bugs like the one linked above.