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Impala Queries Executing long time

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I'm seeing a lot of simple queries like, “SELECT * FROM DATABASE.TABLE”, “SHOW TABLES” and “DESCRIBE database.table that hang around in the list and say they’re Executing, even 90-170 minutes after they’ve completed. 


impala executing time.PNG 



impala executing time2.PNG

I would like to know if there is a way to configure Impala to stop/cancel a long-running query after a certain amount of time.




Found the below link to set time limit but were using TABLEAU so need more time for tableau(6 users) queries.


It seems like it’s almost necessary to run two instances of Impala (one for Tableau and one for all other requests).


Any suggestions?






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Re: Impala Queries Executing long time

Do your users also use Hue to run Impala queries? Hue will hold the query handler open so that it can do paginations, and it will only kill the handler after user navigates away from the impala page. If user stays on the page, the handler will be kept open and the query is considered as in flight.

Please confirm Hue usage first.

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Re: Impala Queries Executing long time

How can we ensure if query is completed and its only query handler is open ?

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Re: Impala Queries Executing long time

That can be seen in "query detail" : query timeline

For queries already completed there should be a row for first row fetched.


I'm not aware of any option to see it on impala queries page.


You can also set idle query timeout and idle session timeout in impala advance snippet to force timeout for queries running from hue.