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Impala and D3JS



We plan to visualize data stored in HDFS using Impala and D3JS. We need help on how to integrate the two. Please give me some suggestions.




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Re: Impala and D3JS

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Hi straightdrive -


This really depends on the web framework powering this. The short answer is that you'll visualize data using D3JS the same way you would if the data came from MySQL, or Postgres, etc. Your client will make API calls to your web server, which will in return make SQL calls to Impala,MySQL,Postgres,etc, and then send the data back to the client (JSON, XML, etc) so that it can be visualized. The client (D3JS) will typically never talk to the database (Impala) directly. 


If you're writing your web server in Java, you'll want to look at JDBC. If you're writing it in C#/ASP.NET, or something that can talk ODBC, then you should use the Impala ODBC driver. If you want to use Python or Ruby, take a look out on Github...there's some libraries to help you out there too:






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Re: Impala and D3JS

That is one of the exercises that we do in the new Designing and Building Big Data Applications course. Check the link for locations and dates for the class.

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Re: Impala and D3JS

Thanks Jesse. That answers my question. BTW, the link to the class is broken.

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Re: Impala and D3JS

I fixed the links in Ricky's message.

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Re: Impala and D3JS


The link is not working. Can someone please send me the updated link on working Impala with D3 JS.