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Impala cannot read via short circuit

Hi Cloudera, 

I see a lot of these warnings in Impala Daemon logs:


W0516 07:12:24.227567  1049] ShortCircuitCache(0x119fb869): could not load 1399296933_BP-76826636- due to InvalidToken exception.

Does it indicate some bad configuration? What can I do to eliminate these warnings?



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Re: Impala cannot read via short circuit

Hi Tomas,

This message is normal behaviour and expected to happen when the Datanode's security key manager rolls its keys.

It will cause clients to print this whenever they use the older cached keys, but the post-action of printing this message is that the client refetches the new key and the job completes.

Since Impala is a client of HDFS, there is no concern or worry about this message, as it is part of normal operation. We also see this from HBase logs, which is again, normal.

Hope above helps.