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Impala crashes / C [] __nss_hosts_lookup+0xfa80



running an insert query using joins and oder by / limit crashes the some of the impala daemons (CDH5 / Impala 1.3.1)

the generated file shows

C  []  __nss_hosts_lookup+0xfa80


Any suggestions or ideas?

Did someone face a similar problem


Thanks in adance




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Re: Impala crashes / C [ 0x1231c0] __nss_hosts_lookup 0xfa80

It looks like you may have hit a bug. To help us debug this problem and
also understand if this is a know issue could you please provide:

* The full impalad logs for the node that crashed
* The file
* The query that caused the crash
* A "DESCRIBE FORMATTED" of the target table(s)

Also, does this cause multiple impalad instances to go down or just a
single instance? Does this problem reproduce 100% of time time or does it
just happen occasionally?