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Impala hash join optimization

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Hi Cloudera Impala community,

we have many join queries between Impala (HDFS) and Kudu datasets where the large kudu table is joined with a small HDFS table. I see in many cases, that the HDFS dataset condition returns 0 rows, but the query still scans all the 600mil records in Kudu. 


For example this query is running for 10min+ and it is clear that the right part of the query, the broadcasted dataset is empty, zero rows. So the optimizer could just skip the scanning and return empty dataset.




Query planjoin_with_zero_table.PNG

Max Per-Host Resource Reservation: Memory=17.00MB
Per-Host Resource Estimates: Memory=193.00MB

F02:PLAN FRAGMENT [UNPARTITIONED] hosts=1 instances=1
|  Per-Host Resources: mem-estimate=0B mem-reservation=0B
|  mem-estimate=0B mem-reservation=0B
|  mem-estimate=0B mem-reservation=0B
|  tuple-ids=0,1 row-size=1.62KB cardinality=88114
F00:PLAN FRAGMENT [RANDOM] hosts=9 instances=9
Per-Host Resources: mem-estimate=17.00MB mem-reservation=17.00MB
|  hash predicates: tab.key1 = pk.key1, tab.key2 = pk.key2, tab.key3 = pk.key3, tab.key4 = pk.key4, tab.root_key3 = pk.root_key3
|  fk/pk conjuncts: tab.key1 = pk.key1, tab.key2 = pk.key2, tab.key3 = pk.key3, tab.key4 = pk.key4, tab.root_key3 = pk.root_key3
|  mem-estimate=17.00MB mem-reservation=17.00MB spill-buffer=1.00MB
|  tuple-ids=0,1 row-size=1.62KB cardinality=88114
|  |  mem-estimate=0B mem-reservation=0B
|  |  tuple-ids=1 row-size=159B cardinality=88114
|  |
|  F01:PLAN FRAGMENT [RANDOM] hosts=1 instances=1
|  Per-Host Resources: mem-estimate=176.00MB mem-reservation=0B
|  01:SCAN HDFS [work.pk_table_pk pk, RANDOM]
|     partitions=1/1 files=1 size=2.51MB
|     predicates: pk.rn = 1, pk.tr_code IN ('D')
|     stats-rows=249225 extrapolated-rows=disabled
|     table stats: rows=249225 size=2.51MB
|     column stats: all
|     parquet statistics predicates: pk.rn = 1, pk.tr_code IN ('D')
|     parquet dictionary predicates: pk.rn = 1, pk.tr_code IN ('D')
|     mem-estimate=176.00MB mem-reservation=0B
|     tuple-ids=1 row-size=159B cardinality=88114
00:SCAN KUDU [base.large_table tab]
   mem-estimate=0B mem-reservation=0B
   tuple-ids=0 row-size=1.46KB cardinality=674357713

The query:


select *
from base.large_table tab join 
work.pk_table_pk pk ON 
         tab.`key1` = pk.`key1` and 
     tab.`key2` = pk.`key2` and 
     tab.`key3` = pk.`key3` and 
     tab.`key4` = pk.`key4` and 
     tab.`root_key3` = pk.`root_key3` 
where pk.tr_code in ('D') and pk.rn =1


This is running on CDH 5.13. Could this be optimized in the future version of Impala?



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Re: Impala hash join optimization

I think the Kudu min-max filter pushdown optimisation in C5.14+ would achieve this:


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