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Impala memory reduction

The impala service at my organization is used widely.
We discovered by a PS session that the impala is configured to use too much memory.
We want to reduce the impala memory limit but want to know exactly how this will affect the users who use impala on a daily basis.
What CM charts can I use to determine if the users were affected by the operation?
What other way is there to analyze the situation?

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Re: Impala memory reduction

You can look at "MemTracker Process Limit Across Impala Daemons", which is the per-process limit and "TCMalloc Physical Bytes Reserved", which is the consumption. If the consumption exceeds the process limit, queries will start failing. Note that those numbers don't include the JVM heap size.


If you use admission control based on memory limits, queries won't be admitted if the sum of query memory limits would exceed the process memory limit.