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Impala to query Hive table built from JSON

Trying to understand if this use case is possible. I have a json file that I want to build a hive table with. Here is an example of what I could use to do that - .


However, once built, I would like to query using impala as below or am I restricted to using Hive queries for sushc tables? 


SELECT b.blogID, FROM comments a LATERAL VIEW json_tuple(a.value, 'blogID', 'contact') b 
AS blogID, contact  LATERAL VIEW json_tuple(, 'email', 'website') c 
AS email, website WHERE b.blogID='64FY4D0B28'; 


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Re: Impala to query Hive table built from JSON

LATERAL VIEW is not available in Impala yet, see below link:

Currently only Hive supports it.