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Insert String in hebrew/japanese/Chinese


I'm working imapla jdbc connector( 2.6.9 version).

When trying to insert String into kudu/parquet table in hebrew/Chinese lagnauges, insertion isn't fully working. String is only partially insert.

For example when trying to insert 'שלום כולם' in hebrew only 'שלום'  apears on the table.

Insert the data directly to the tables(using Hue) inserting worked.


Any idea?

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Re: Insert String in hebrew/japanese/Chinese


How do you do the INSERT? INSERT .... SELECT from another table or INSERT directly on a query?

If you run INSERT INTO ... VALUES ('שלום כולם') like this, will it work?

If it does not work this way, we can check from both JDBC driver and impala server logs to see where the truncation happened.

1. Enable TRACE logs at JDBC driver level, by adding ";LogLevel=6;LogPath=/path/to/dir"

2. run the query again through JDBC driver

3. get the logs from /path/to/dir and impala daemon coordinator log to see what query was being captured.

Then we can see what's the next step we can do.