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Kudu C++ client Failed to resolve address for TS when scanning table

When using the Kudu C++ client I cannot insert rows or scan a table. Using the Kudu example program I get the following errors:


Received log message from Kudu client library
 Severity: 1
 Filename: /data/jenkins/workspace/generic-package-ubuntu64-14-04-impala/Kudu-Packaging-Kudu-CDH5.11.1-2017-06-04_23-53-45/kudu-1.3.0+cdh5.11.1+0-1.cdh5.11.1.p0.27~trusty/src/kudu/client/
 Line number: 198
 Time: Tue Apr 17 14:50:16 2018
 Message: Tablet 6fcfae6a21424d14aa633ee2f14c7914: Replica d71c7f6f20cc476b850b9cfb64e8354a (quickstart.cloudera:7050) has failed: Network error: Failed to resolve address for TS d71c7f6f20cc476b850b9cfb64e8354a: Unable to resolve address 'quickstart.cloudera': Name or service not known