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Kudu C++ client Failed to resolve address for TS

Just in case someone else runs into this issue.



When connecting to Kudu using the C++ client, I can create, alter, and drop tables but cannot insert rows or read rows. I get the error:

Network error: Failed to resolve address for TS a89c86524da448c8a5e391d6a693c3d7: Unable to resolve address '1135b5ad82d4': Name or service not known


1135b5ad82d4 is the docker image name. a89c86524da448c8a5e391d6a693c3d7 is the Kudu tablet server.



This was resolved by adding another entry to the /etc/hosts file on the machine running the Kudu client (not the same as the Kudu host) to map the name 1135b5ad82d4 to the ip address of the machine running Kudu.


IPV6 was not part of this problem. The problem is that the Kudu master looks up it's hostname, which is 1135b5ad82d4, and returns that to the Kudu client and then the Kudu client tries to connect to 1135b5ad82d4 which it can't do unless /etc/hosts on the client machine is modified.

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Re: Kudu C++ client Failed to resolve address for TS

This saved me haha. Thank you.