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Kudu file storage on ADLS

I have been able to access Azure Data Lake Storage from my CDH 5.14 cluster. However, I wanted to know if there is anyway to set the Kudu master and tablet server wal and data folders directly to reside in ADLS? This does not seem to be the case if using the CM configuration page as entering something like "adls://......" results in an error, for those fields. 


If this is not possible, is there a way to back up Kudu data and wal dirs to ADLS or some other storage and bring it back if the cluster is being rebuilt?



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Re: Kudu file storage on ADLS

Unfortunately there is no support for storing data on ADLS at this time.


Regarding backup and restore, we are in the process of designing a backup solution into Kudu, however there is no ETA at this time for when it will be ready to use. You can follow the progress at