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Kudu tablet placement on Tablet Servers

I just created a new table with 70 partitons and started to insert into data.

I have found out that one tablet server has 34 tablets. One tablet server does not have tablet at all.

The disks capacity and occupation is roughly the same, I dont understand what kind of logic makes this skew in Kudu.

Is there any way how to directly set the tablet distribution?



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Re: Kudu tablet placement on Tablet Servers

Currently Kudu does not balance on a per-table basis. So, it's possible
that for a newly created table, it will not be equally spread across the

Does the server with no tablets in this table have tablets from _other_
tables? The placement algorithm attempts to balance the total count of
tablets across servers.

We're currently working on some balancing improvements that will take
per-table balancing into consideration for future releases.