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Merging tablet base and delta files in Kudu



I am trying to understand how Kudu merges the base file with delta files.  I found this in a blog:


For each DiskRowSet, the scanner will materialise a column at a time, and apply any delta records and predicates before moving on to the next column.


Could some one point me to the code that does this?


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Merging tablet base and delta files in Kudu

Hi @rpaidar


  Most, of the code that does this can be found in the "tablet" module.

  Iterators for all rowsets are assembled in Tablet::CaptureConsistentIterators() (

  Then, for diskrowsets, the base data iterator is wrapped in a delta iterator. This process starts at DiskRowSet::NewRowIterator() (

  To get more insight on how the base is materialized and deltas are applied you can follow the different iterators that are created in DiskRowSet::NewRowIterator().