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ODBC Connector - Hive vs Impala

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Hi all.


Was looking to connect a BI Application to our cluster and noticed that there are both Hive and Impala ODBC connectors available.


I was trying to understand the difference, it may potentially be a typo in the Hive description as it states:


"passing the SQL queries to the underlying Impala engine."


Should this say Hive? If so then I obviously understand the difference :)


If not, what is the difference between the connectors and how would I decide which will work best for me?

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Re: ODBC Connector - Hive vs Impala


Thanks for reporting the typo, I believe that you are right, it should be Hive engine as it is Hive ODBC driver. I will repot this internally and get it updated.

The difference basically one connects to HiveServer2 and the other connects to Impala :).