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Power BI and impala connector

Hello ,


I am facing a problem with Bi tool.

I try to connect to my impala cluster from Power BI tool and i connect succesfully when connect as anonymous .

But i need to to prevent anonymoys connections to my impala cluster and i need something like simple authentication ( username/password ) to connect from BI tool .

I dont use kerberos or ldap to authenticate .

How can i do that ? I dont manage to find out how to do that .

Can you help pls ?

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Re: Power BI and impala connector

You will need to setup authentication from Impala server side, you can't just select any authentication method from client side and hope it will work.

Impala need to be enabled with Kerberos first:

Or with LDAP:

This is not something can be explained on community post, and I suggest you to go through the docs to understand what you need to do first and try to enable in your cluster.

If any steps fails, you can post another post and see anyone can help.


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