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impala error - ERROR: ExecPlanRequest rpc query_id on some nodes

import java.sql.Connection;
import java.sql.Statement;


stmt = connectionToUse.createStatement();
rowInfo = stmt.executeQuery(queryStr);


Exception :


16:48:34.283 [6/edTableMgrOp:EventDetailsTableManagerOperator] ERROR c.t.d.s.a.c.i.c.ImpalaCommandExecutor - Error while fetching rows for query select count(*) from dwh.event_detail where org_group_id=10 and year=2016 and month=9 and day=23 because [Simba][ImpalaJDBCDriver](500051) ERROR processing query/statement. Error Code: 0, SQL state: TStatus(statusCode:ERROR_STATUS, sqlState:HY000, errorMessage:ExecPlanRequest rpc query_id=f54e6331ec6a0956:43c7c08f86bfa788 instance_id=f54e6331ec6a0956:43c7c08f86bfa78a failed: RPC Error: No more data to read.


Error when executing the query from the impala-shell or Hue

ExecPlanRequest rpc query_id=234da2411faef1ef:95b680ff90330598 instance_id=234da2411faef1ef:95b680ff9033059a failed: No more data to read.


Some more observations :

We've two Hue nodes. The error occurs only on some partitions. It works for some partitions though.

Select 1 query always fails.


Anybody else faced this issue before ? Need some pointers to investigate further.

We're using CDH 5.7