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Developed a tool, where can I properly post it ?

Hi, I am a software engineer in my last semester, and my graduation project is using impala.

I have developed a handy tool for communicating with impala server through your java application, 

I know it is a simple one, but I want people to test it, try it, give me advices about it to enhance it, as it may become more handy for people building java apps on top of impala server. 


Thanks in advance ...

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Re: Developed a tool, where can I properly post it ?

Thanks for asking. I'm not an expert on the subject so I decided to start with the Contributing to Impala page for 

Apache Impala (incubating). Near the bottom I found this, which may be a great place to ask. 


We maintain a mailing list at, which is the right place for Impala development discussions.


I hope that helps. 

Cy Jervis, Community Manager

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